The Dangers Of Oral Infections

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“It’s just a small sore, it will go away.” “I’m too busy right now, I’ll go to a dentist later.” “A little sensitivity is no big deal.” Sound familiar? Many Monkton, MD residents may have experienced those feelings or thoughts at least once in their life. Your teeth become sensitive to cold drinks. A tooth…

Take a Moment to Relax with Stress-Free Dentistry in Monkton

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Most individuals have been warned about the physical effects of stress on the human body. Our doctors remind us to protect ourselves from the dangers of unmanaged stress by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep. We know that we shouldn’t try to relieve stress with overeating, unhealthy alcohol consumption, smoking, or uncontrolled spending. Stress…

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe For Monkton Smiles?

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Affordable Monkton Dentistry Sedation

When I discuss sedation dentistry with new Parkton cosmetic dentistry patients, I encounter many misconceptions. The purpose of today’s Hereford Dental Health blog is to de-bunk some of the most common myths about dental sedation. Myth #1: With Sedation Dentistry, You Are Completely Unconscious Some nervous Monkton dental patients are not only afraid of receiving…