Questions To Ask Your Urgent Care Dentist

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Sometimes Monkton residents research their mechanic or hairdresser more thoroughly than their dental professional. Shouldn’t your oral health be far more critical? At Hereford Dental Health – Craig Longenecker DDS, we love to answer questions about all facets of dentistry. What Training and Experience Do You Have? You may have questions about a dentist’s training and…

The Hereford Dental Health – Craig Longenecker DDS Guide To Veneers

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It’s easy to see why Monkton smile makeover patients and cosmetic dentists love porcelain veneers. They correct a multitude of cosmetic flaws and deliver brilliant results for my Parkton area patients. If you are considering beautifying your smile with porcelain veneers, you want a trusted dentist with extensive experience performing this treatment. The porcelain veneer…

Celebrity Smiles In Monkton

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How do celebrities obtain brilliant white smiles that are always ready for the red carpet or a close-up? Do they avoid coffee? Not likely. Every star-watching magazine is full of pictures of famous people holding Starbucks cups. Do they avoid tobacco? Some probably do, but many actors and fashion models with dazzling white smiles are…

Peace Begins With A Smile

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Mother Theresa once said “Peace begins with a smile.” Perhaps that peace should start with the person who is smiling. How do you feel about your smile? Are you at peace with it? Are you proud to flash a wide, happy grin? Do you believe it is beautiful? Does it express your best self? Let’s…

Get Your Teeth In Shape, Parkton!

Get Your Teeth In Shape, Parkton!

These days Parkton residents are more conscious of their health than ever. Many of us are trying to stay active, eat a balanced diet, and better manage stress. When you feel healthy, attractive, and happy, you smile more often. You want your smile to compliment and enhance your physical and mental condition. Here at Hereford…

You Won’t Be Out Cold (Unless You Want To Be!)

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Does your heart start pounding at the mere thought of having a cavity filled? Do you get sweaty palms when you drive by any White Hall cosmetic dental practice? Many Monkton residents who have improved their smile with cosmetic dentistry chose to use sedation. Though the terms “sleep dentistry” and “oral conscious sedation” are often…

Makeovers For Busy Sparks Smiles

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Have you been considering sprucing up your smile with cosmetic dentistry but are afraid you can’t fit it into your hectic schedule? Let Hereford Dental Health put your mind at ease. Cosmetic dentistry at Hereford Dental Health in Monkton is quicker than you think. Some procedures such as teeth bleaching can be done in just…

Dental Confidence Or Caution In Maryland?

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Whether you are one of the Monkton folks who goes willingly for your check-up, or are hesitant about getting dental work done, Hereford Dental Health has opened its doors to smiling patients since 1998. We give straightforward answers about the cost of dental implants, the price for a crown, and the average cost of veneers…

7 Steps For A Healthy Smile In Parkton

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 ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Benjamin Franklin coined this phrase in the 1730s as advice for fire safety. However, like all timeless quotes, it applies to many more aspects of Sparks, Hereford, and White Hall life, particularly dental health. Keeping your smile beautiful and healthy is done most effectively with…

A Proud Dental Practice In Monkton, Maryland

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Hereford Dental Health is proud to serve not only Monkton but the greater Parkton area. Our staff constitutes proud members of the community we serve. Not only are we are proud to offer outstanding service to Monkton, Maryland, but we are happy to serve our patients in Parkton, White Hall, Sparks, and Hereford. It’s worth the trip for the change it will make in your life.