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Relief From TMD Headaches In Monkton

Patient receives TMJ treatment for headaches near Parkton and Sparks, MD.Are you suffering from headaches and maybe some pain in your jaw, neck, or a toothache as well? There are, of course, a variety of reasons why you could have headaches.

However, if you have been struggling with any of the following symptoms, your friends or family may have suggested you see a dentist in Monkton about TMJ or TMD:

  • Your jaw joint (TMJ) or chewing muscles may feel tender, tired, tingling, or sore.
  • Your jaw (TMJ), neck, or face aches.
  • Your jaw muscles (connected to your TMJ) feel tight or stiff.
  • You can barely open your mouth or you can’t open your mouth at all.
  • Your jaw joint (TMJ) clicks, pops, or grates and hurts.
  • Your upper teeth and lower teeth seem out of alignment or don’t fit the way they used to.
  • When you bite down, you get a shooting pain in that tooth.
  • You have headaches that don’t seem to go away, or you wake up with headaches regularly.

The National Institute of Health reports that TMD may affect more than 10 million Americans, and many are affected in the Sparks, MD community.

Causes and Treatment for TMJ Disorder

Smiling girl no longer has to deal with TMD headaches after receiving TMJ treatment in Monkton.TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, which is your jaw joint. TMD stands for temporomandibular disorders, which are a variety of issues encompassing pain associated with TMJ and the functionality of the jaw joint and the muscles in the jaw.

The accompanying headaches that often come with TMD can be something of a bother, but jaw problems can also be far more severe. In the end, pain is pain. Dr. Longenecker and his caring staff near Parkton and Sparks, MD, can offer you TMJ treatment that can help you ease that pain.

You may be struggling with the easiest of tasks involving your jaw, such as eating, talking, and yawning. Is it difficult to perform simple dental health tasks of brushing and flossing? If you suffer from severe TMD, even these simple functions can cause not just pain but stress. These are functions we rely on. And it may be time to seek TMJ treatment.

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Dr. Longenecker is sympathetic to your pain and headaches and offers some relief. Dr. Longenecker has had additional training in TMJ/TMD treatment from specialist John Droter and The Dawson Academy and can recommend the proper, helpful TMJ treatment options that may bring you needed relief.

Call our Monkton office today! TMJ treatment and relief can be a phone call away if you are in the Parkton – Sparks, MD area!