Sleep Apnea Treatment

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea In Monkton

More and more people are becoming familiar with Sleep Apnea and its associated dangers. Snoring used to be the subject of many jokes and minor annoyances in the household, but research has pointed to how serious it really should be taken.

An “apnea” is a pause in breathing. Yes, that means people who suffer from Sleep Apnea literally stop breathing. As you well know, not breathing isn’t going to help you stay healthy, or alive. Many factors can lead to Sleep Apnea -weight, physiology, environment, etc- but no matter what the cause, a solution is needed.

How can Dr. Longenecker Treat Sleep Apnea?

Fortunately, Dr. Longenecker has a solution for you. We have invested the time, energy and resources needed to provide a viable Sleep Apnea treatment for our wonderful Monkton and Parkton area patients. The key to understanding the Sleep Apnea treatment we provide is to understand what’s actually happening when we snore. When you sleep, your body relaxes. Even your jaw and tongue relax. As they relax, they decrease the size of your air passages, making it harder to breathe. This decreased space leads to snoring. Because of the difficulty to breath, you may experience actual “apneas” or pauses in your breathing.

Many suffer from Sleep Apnea for years without even knowing it. Sleepiness, headaches and lethargy can all be side effects of Sleep Apnea. If you are unsure if you have Sleep Apnea, please consider visiting us for your own health and safety.

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

  • SLEEP SOUNDLY | A man/women needs their rest! Get the regenerative, rejuvenating sleep you need with our Sleep Apnea treatment.
  • STAY HEALTHY | Repeated abuse to your body via breathing pauses can wreak havoc on your system. Sleep Apnea treatments can reduce or eliminate this wear and tear.
  • RELIEVE YOUR HOUSEHOLD | Yes, Sleep Apnea, had serious health implications for the sufferer, but it can also take a heavy toll on the household. Take care of them by taking care of yourself.

Monkton dentist Craig Longenecker is a member of the AADSM, an organization which provides information  and training on sleep apnea treatment.

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For more detailed information, please feel free to visit our sleep apnea or CPAP relief websites.