Correcting Severe Dental Problems With Restorative Dentistry in Monkton

restorative dentistry in Monkton

Each separate restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedure performed in Parkton can address a specific dental problem. Some Monkton dental problems are more extensive and require a combination of procedures. Whether it be cosmetic or restorative dentistry in Monkton, Hereford Dental Health is your go-to dental practice for any procedure you may need. For example, our porcelain…

Behind The Scenes: Dental Crown in Monkton

dental crown in monkton

Today’s post looks at the complex process required to manufacture a dental crown in Monkton. Dental crowns can be constructed with metal, ceramic, plastics, or varying combinations of these materials. We will describe the process used to create a porcelain crown, though the steps are similar to those used for other materials. What are Ceramic…

Toothaches in Monkton? Your Dentist Does A Lot More Than Fill Cavities

toothaches in monkton

Most individuals know that they can go to their dentist for cleanings, bleeding gums, and toothaches in Monkton. However, there are some lesser-known oral concerns that your dentist can help you with. Dry mouth in Monkton? Technically called xerostomia, this dental issue can be caused by a lack of saliva and can be quite uncomfortable. It also predisposes dental…

Water Flossing and Dental Health in Monkton

Monkton should I use waterpik?

Your dental health depends on proper hygiene, and that means brushing and flossing at least once a day (twice is better). At Hereford Dental Health in Monkton, we’re often asked about water flossing, so here’s the scoop. The first water-shooting device for cleaning between teeth was developed in the early 1960’s. It is known today…

Just Like Natural Teeth! Porcelain Veneers in Monkton

porcelain veneers Monkton

Are you concerned about crooked, stained, or chipped teeth? The team at Hereford Dental Health specializes in porcelain veneers, a minimally invasive solution to  cracked, stained, or chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers are custom-fitted glass-like shells that are permanently attached to the surface of teeth that need correcting. A veneer can transform a tooth’s color, shape,…


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