Beautiful Teeth in Monkton Without Breaking The Bank

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At Hereford Dental Health – Craig Longenecker DDS in Monkton, our smile transformation patients believe that life-changing cosmetic dentistry is a valuable investment. Indeed, for most people, the value of a healthy, desirable smile cannot be measured in dollars. We recognize, however, that cosmetic dentistry is not cheap. Do You Want Beautiful Teeth in Monkton?…

5 Fast Ways to Improve Your Smile in Monkton

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Do you have a special event coming up? Perhaps a wedding, graduation, milestone birthday, anniversary, or reunion? These celebrations usually involve a lot of photographs and, of course, you want to look your best. Afraid you wont have time to work on your smile? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can dramatically transform your…

Just Like Natural Teeth! Porcelain Veneers in Monkton

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Are you concerned about crooked, stained, or chipped teeth? The team at Hereford Dental Health specializes in porcelain veneers, a minimally invasive solution to  cracked, stained, or chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers are custom-fitted glass-like shells that are permanently attached to the surface of teeth that need correcting. A veneer can transform a tooth’s color, shape,…

Root Canal in Monkton? It Doesn’t Have to Hurt

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You know that saying, ‘I’d rather have a root canal’ to describe something unpleasant? At Hereford Dental Health in Monkton, we believe root canals don’t have to be painful. In fact many of our patients report minimal discomfort. Root canal (endodontic) procedures have advanced significantly in recent years. For many patients, the procedure is no…

Hereford Dental Health Can Make Your Whites Whiter

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Hereford Dental Health - Craig Longenecker DDS Can Make Your Whites Whiter

Hi, I’m Dr. Craig Longenecker, an experienced Monkton general dentist serving the greater Parkton area. One of the most common requests I get from my dental patients is whiter teeth. I am happy to say that Monkton dental patients are in luck when it comes to teeth whitening in Maryland, because cosmetic dentistry procedures like…

Tooth Whitening: In-Office Or At Home?

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affordable teeth whitening Monkton

If you are planning to whiten your teeth, the vital first step is to select a whitening method. It may seem like there are a multitude of options, but it’s important to remember that they all employ a peroxide-based whitening solution. The difference lies in the strength of the bleaching solution and method of delivery.…