Dentist in Sparks MD

Dentist in Sparks, MD

Our dentist in Sparks, MD, makes compassionate patient care his number one priority! Patients who want the best in dental technology and innovative care can turn to our dentist. Sparks, MD, residents will be pleased with the service they receive at Hereford Dental Health.

Dr. Longenecker and his team stay on top of the latest treatment options, equipment, and technology. We focus not only on your teeth but on your overall wellness as well.

Our dentist in Sparks, MD, applies Whole Health Dentistry. Did you know that every aspect of your oral health is directly linked to your oral health? By maintaining healthy teeth and gums, you minimize your risk of heart disease, stroke, pregnancy complications, and other serious health problems.

For something as important as oral health, you need a trustworthy dentist. Sparks, MD, patients can turn to Dr. Longenecker, who has an extensive knowledge of the oral-systemic health link and also a passion for great dentistry. We provide comprehensive, high-quality care, and we hope to see you at Hereford Dental Health soon.

Girl smiles brightly after visiting the cosmetic dentist in Sparks MD.Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of your smile. Our dentist in Sparks, MD, will also ensure your cosmetic treatment enhances the function of your smile. With treatments like dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and tooth whitening, you can lead a more confident life.

Young kids smile thanks to the family dentist in Sparks MD, Craig Longenecker.Family Dentistry

For preventive services like checkups, oral cancer screenings, and fillings, you need a fantastic family dentist. Sparks, MD, patients can find comfortable and educational family dentistry at Hereford Dental Health. We make sure every visit is all about you by always addressing your needs and preferences.

Girl shows off her Invisalign clear braces that she received from a dentist in Sparks MD.Invisalign

Want to create a movie star smile without all the hassle and discomfort of traditional braces? Strengthen your smile with Invisalign! Not only is Invisalign subtle and easy to wear, but it also produces beautiful results in less time than metal braces.

We hope you can sense something different about our office from the moment you meet with our dentist in Sparks, MD. Dr. Longenecker is committed to connecting with his patients. For state-of-the-art dental care, you can depend on Hereford Dental Health.