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Offering a Wide Variety of Dental Services to Patients

Are you looking for a dentist near Parkton who really cares? Dr. Longenecker makes compassionate care a number one priority. We consider every aspect our facility, from the people who work here to the advanced technology, and how we can make the patient experience better. You need an innovative and skillful dentist. Parkton patients can visit Dr. Longenecker and his friendly team for high-quality care. Beyond excellent care, we also offer a holistic approach. Does your dentist near Parkton understand Whole Health Dentistry? Every aspect of your oral health is directly linked to your whole body health. You can protect valuable years of your life by avoiding gum disease and tooth loss. Dr. Longenecker understands the systemic connection and wants to safeguard you by ensuring great systemic health for a lifetime.

Girl smiles brightly after visiting the cosmetic dentist near Parkton.Cosmetic Dentistry

You want natural and long-lasting results from your cosmetic dentist. Parkton residents can improve their smiles and their self-esteem with cosmetic dentistry! Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures can instantly enhance your smile.

Young kids smile thanks to the family dentist near Parkton, Craig Longenecker.Family Dentistry

Every family needs a trusted family dentist. Parker patients can visit Hereford Dental Health for regular family checkups, oral cancer screenings, and so much more. We attend to every kind of oral health issue and keep your smile healthy for years to come.

Girl shows off her Invisalign clear braces that she received from a dentist near Parkton, MD.Invisalign® Clear Braces

Want a beautiful smile without all of the hassles of braces? Ask your dentist near Parkton about virtually invisible Invisalign® braces. These clear braces are easy to take care of and will produce amazing results within a shorter time frame!

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Come meet with Dr. Longenecker to see what our practice is all about and get a feel for the way we upgrade dentistry. We encourage new patients to schedule a free consultation with our caring dentist. Parkton residents can call Hereford Dental Health and set up a quick visit today. To have your questions answered or to schedule an appointment, simply call, text, or contact us using the form on this page. We take pride in serving our patients from Parkton, and we look forward to satisfying your dentistry needs.