Toddler With A Toothache?

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When your toddler complains of mouth pain, you want to ease it as soon as possible.

But that’s easier said than done. There is a myriad of possible causes of children’s tooth pain.

Possible Causes of Toddler Oral Pain

  • Tooth decay
  • Emerging teeth
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Mouth sore or cut
  • Sinus pain or earache
  • Large fragment of food between two teeth

Examine Your Child’s Mouth

First, take a look in their mouth. If you see swollen gums, it indicates the general area of the issue. A large red bump near the tooth root could indicate an abscess.

If there is swelling in the gums, take your toddler to a pediatric dentist right away.

You may see a piece of food caught between two teeth. Use a string of floss or a floss pick to remove it. The pain may not go away immediately, but if this was the source, it should go away within a couple of hours.

If your child has a cavity, you may or may not be able to see it. Dr. Longenecker at Hereford Dental Health – Craig Longenecker DDS can locate small cavities or those hidden between two teeth.

Make an appointment at Hereford Dental Health – Craig Longenecker DDS in the unlikely event that your child has a cracked or chipped tooth.

If The Pain Is Caused By Teething

If your child has a runny nose and seems unusually irritable, they might be teething. A cold (not frozen) teething ring can help relieve the pain. You can also gently rub their gums with your finger. You can also let your youngster gnaw on a cold carrot or other hard vegetables. Make sure you monitor closely so they don’t bite off a chunk they can choke on.

Note that teething only causes a low-grade fever. If your child has a fever over 100 F or diarrhea, take them to a pediatrician right away.

Pediatric Dentist or Pediatrician?

To recap:

If you suspect the pain is caused by a cavity, abscess, or broken tooth, call Hereford Dental Health – Craig Longenecker DDS to request an appointment.

If you can’t see the source of the pain but your little one has a high fever, diarrhea, or swelling in the cheek, take them to your pediatrician immediately.

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