3-Tooth Solution For A 1-Tooth Problem?

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Do you have a missing tooth?
Are you considering the different types of restorative dental procedures available?
Does a dental bridge seem to make the most sense financially?

If you have a missing tooth and want to restore that gap in your mouth, it is essential to think about the differences between a dental bridge and a tooth implant.

Dental bridges have replaced teeth for generations of Monkton MD dental patients. However, they have some drawbacks:

  • They are a 3-tooth solution to a 1-tooth problem – the adjacent teeth must be prepped and crowned to hold the replacement (floating) tooth.
  • It is hard to properly clean the small areas under the bridge.
  • A dental bridge does not protect against bone recession at the extraction site.

Why does a tooth implant have advantages over a dental bridge?

  • It is a 1-tooth solution to a 1-tooth problem.
  • It is usually stronger.
  • Will curtail the risk of bone recession (as compared to a bridge) because it replaces the tooth root.
  • It is usually not as difficult to clean as a dental bridge – lower risk of decay.
  • They commonly last longer.
  • Dental implants can support a denture or partial denture.

If you need to replace a tooth, talk to your Monkton dentist about dental financing options. If you elect a dental implant, it will probably be less costly in the long run.

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