Fun Floss Facts from Your General Dentist in Sparks, MD

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You probably believe that the most crucial aspect regarding flossing is simply to do it every day. We agree. However, many people find that trying out a few different types of floss helps them to establish or solidify the habit and get the flossing comfort they desire.

The Most Common Types of Dental Floss

Basic floss is either a monofilament floss, which is often made of some kind of rubber, plastic, or multifilament, which is made of nylon or silk. Nylon floss is less expensive, more common and is sold waxed or unwaxed.

Monofilament floss will not rip or tear, and because of this, many people find that it pulls in between the teeth easier. This type of floss is frequently referred to as “glide” floss.

Both monofilament floss and multifilament floss are sold in differing thicknesses. It is helpful to find the size that works best for you. Since you should not have to snap the floss between your teeth, find the thickness that allows you to gently floss.

Dental tape is nylon floss in the shape of a wide, flat ribbon. Many patients find that dental tape is the easiest floss to get between their teeth.

For those of you with braces or appliances, there are also flosses designed to be used with these devices. Make sure to talk to your orthodontist about flossing because you don’t want to break this vital habit just because you’re having your teeth aligned!

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