Why Aren’t You Smiling?

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

Parkton Dentistry Hello, I’m Dr. Craig Longenecker DDS. My dental practice is called Hereford Dental Health. We are located at 16928 York Rd in Monkton, and you can reach us by calling 410-357-0099.

You can probably imagine why I look at smiles everywhere I go in the Parkton area. Whether I am working with a Hereford dental patient, having dinner at a Sparks restaurant, or attending a Parkton sporting event, I notice whether the people around me smile. Whenever I encounter someone with obvious tooth problems, I want to tell them about the procedures that can completely transform their frown into a healthy and beautiful smile.

Are you someone who doesn’t want to show their teeth? I would love to talk to you about a smile makeover. Whatever your excuse is for not seeking dental treatment, I can discuss all of your concerns with you during a free consultation.

Perhaps the cost of cosmetic dentistry is holding you back. My understanding staff will be happy to talk to you about financing plans. It is important to remember that if your teeth are decayed, postponing treatment will cost more money in the long run. Filling a cavity is far more affordable dentistry than a root canal procedure or, in the case of an extracted tooth, a dental implant.

My Monkton family dental website contains information about all the general, restorative and aesthetic services we provide.

I can transform your smile into one that you will want to show all the time!

Craig Longenecker DDS